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Hair Restoration

  • What is Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser Hair Therapy, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT, is one of the most popular hair restoration treatments available today due to the non-existence of side effects and the overall ease of use. LLLT works essentially by reducing the build up of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main cause of hair loss in adults. Increased levels of DHT interrupt the growth cylce of hair follicles, causing hair to stop growing. If the follicle is damaged by these known causes, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. Laser Hair Therapy stimulates blood flow to the follicles allowing them to breakdown the build up of DHT, returning the follicles to a healthy state and back to a natural hair life cycle.

  • What Laser Hair Therapy Treatments Do You Offer?

Obtaining results with Laser Hair Therapy is a lot like excercising. The treatment option that allows for the highest level of compliance will generate the best results. We offer two treatment options. For those near, or willing to travel to Middlesex County we offer clinical Laser Hair Therapy Treatment. For those looking for the convenience of in-home treatments or those not willing to travel to Framingham we offer the LaserCap®

  • How Do Clinical Laser Hair Therapy Treatments Work?

Clinical Laser Hair Therapy was the original form of laser treatment. Typically clinical laser treatments are performed 2-3 times a week in our office. Treatments typically range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. We use Sunetics Clinical Lasers, which were recently cleared by the FDA. More information about Sunetics and FDA Clearance can be found here:

  • How Does The LaserCap® Work?

From a scientific standpoint the LaserCap® works much the same way as clinical treatments. The main difference is that you can have all of the power of a large, expensive clinical unit all in sealed encasement capable of fitting into any hat or cap. LaserCap® is a portable home device that uses low level laser light treatment (LLLT) to treat female and male hair loss, thinning, shedding and receding hair lines. It has 224 low level laser lights built inside a flexible dome shaped membrane which provides LLLT exposure to the entire scalp and optimal power for the maximum results.

  • Does Laser Hair Therapy Work For Both Men And Women?

Laser Hair Therapy has been proven extremely succesful for both men and women of all ages and a wide variety or hair loss and thinning causes. Laser Hair Therapy, however, is not for everyone. If you are completely bald LLLT will NOT grow your hair back. In most cases, however, LLLT is a great treatment option and enough to stop hair loss and potentially spur new growth. The gallery below shows some example of succesful LLLT patients.

Laser Hair Therapy Results - 53 Year Old Female After 9 Months In-home Treatment Laser Hair Therapy Results - 61 Year Old Male After 3 Months IN-home Treatment Laser Hair Therapy Results - Female 40 Years Old, 12 Months Post Chemo, 6 Months In Home Treatment LaserCap Results - 59 Year Old Female After 3 months LaserCap Results - 59 Year Old Female After 6 months LaserCap Results - 60 Year Old Male After 4 months LaserCap Results - 82 Year Old Woman After 3 Months Treatment Clinical Laser Hair Therapy - 30 Year Old Male After 6 Months in-office Treatment Clinical Laser Hair Therapy - 44 Year Old Male After 3 Months in-office Treatment Clinical Laser Hair Therapy - 59 Year Old Female After 6 Months in-office Treatment Clinical Laser Hair Therapy Results - 53 Year Old Female after 12 months in-office treatment Laser Cap Results - 53 Year Old Female after 6 months treatment lightbox visualby v6.0
  • How Can I Find Out More About Laser hair Therapy?

The videos below are a great place to continue your research.

  • So What's Next? How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is incredibly easy. Simply contact us to schedule your free consultation. The consultation will help to determine if you are a suitable candidate for LLLT treatment and also which treatment options best fits your goals and lifestyle. We look forward to hearing from you soon!